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The film “Le Baphomet” placed 6th overall over 300+ entries worldwide and also crowned the winner 🏆 in the “BEST SCARE” category.

"I am completely humbled and honored at the fact that we even placed in the TOP 20s being as this was my first ever short film. We only had a two week turnaround time. I had an idea for the film and called the exact people I wanted to shoot this with and from there we executed. No excuses and no budget, we came together as a collective and brought this idea/concept to life because this is what we love to do.

With that being said I want to give a huge shout out my entire crew. Ya’ll grinded with me all night till morning to make this happen. I had an amazing time throughout the entire process and couldn’t have asked a better team to execute this with. This is only the beginning, I guarantee that. Bigger and better from here on out.

A big thank you also to @jakobowens and his team for hosting an amazing world wide online short horror contest. This was my first short film contest that I ever took part of and this is only the beginning " - Daven


The Contest Rules


1. 5 Minute run time or less

2. Must Use The Word "Pandemic"

3. Quarantine Style - 1 Location Only


A big shout out and thank you to all the people who helped me bring this concept to life.


Cast & Crew

Director - Daven Ducat

Producer - Venina Shankly

Director of Photography - Ryan Hoang

Production Manager - Devren Nunez

Gaffer - Arjay Ancheta

1st AC - Jazzmin Miralles

Cam OP - Kendall Arzu

Lead - Mason Dodson

Demon - Devren Nunez

Grandma - Lourdes Nolasco

Grandma Double - Venina Shankly

Mother (Voice over) - Vicky Stine

BTS Photographer - Matthew Reyes

Scriptwriter - Daven Ducat

Assit. Scriptwriter - Anne Baluyot

Editor - Daven Ducat

A Ducat Media House Production